These are our current custom bandits we have to offer.
Warrior custom paints the following baits: Rapala Deep Husky Jerk 12, Bandit walleye deep, Smithwick perfect 10 and Top 20
Bert's Custom Tackle Custom Mounting Track System The heart of this unique system is its anodized-aluminum track. The Bert's Custom Tackle Track System gives you the ability to change the style or method of fishing just by turning the thumb screws to remove, replace or relocate your downriggers, rod holders, electronics and more. Tracks are available in 6 standard lengths and may be mounted to ...
Part No: Clr-bertsmf29576"bb
This custom color Yamamoto is something the fish really haven't seen before. The bait features at watermelon red flake body with a chartreuse black flake skirt. Great color for dingy water or clear water for small mouth. If you would like to customize your order by adding more packs and anything else give us a call at 269-414-4131 or email us.
Part No: clr-6pkyama.dthula5"spec.watred/chrtskirt
The rouge perfect 10 is becoming one of the top baits for bass and walleye fisherman in the spring. Many guys are having these baits custom painted making the clear ones much easier to have painted or for you to paint. If you would like to add to your order or have any questions give us a call at 269-414-4131 or email.
Part No: clr-12pkrougeperfect10
The C-flash 44 mag is a great bait that dives around 10-13 ft. This bait was a key part in the 2015 bass master team championship on lake Guntersville. This bait is foil wrapped and very durable. If you have any questions give us a call at 269-414-4131 or email us. ...
Part No: clr-2pkcflashdfishad
The C-flash is made out of balsa wood giving it a different action than normal plastic crank baits. The 38 sq runs about 6-10 ft. ...